It’s the season for all things romantic, as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches and wedding season begins. It’s all about showing your special someone that you care about them, and what could be better than giving them the gift of a lifetime – a romantic trip on board some of the world’s finest cruise ships, visiting dreamy and exotic destinations around the world.

Whether you’re planning to get down on one knee, organising the honeymoon of your dreams or you simply need some time away with the person you love, a cruise is the perfect way to show them you care. Here are our top romantic cruise routes around the world and ideas to make your trip that bit more special:

Valentines Day

A couple sitting on the beach at sunset.

Pick a Romantic Itinerary:


Italian is the language of love, and Italy is home to all things romantic, making it the ideal cruise itinerary for those on a honeymoon or special trip. Venice is regarded as the romantic capital of the world, but other ports such as Rome and Florence can be just as sentimental too.

Recreate the Lady and the Tramp scene with a plate of spaghetti in Rome’s squares, take a trip on a gondola in Venice, or simply watch the world go by in one of Florence’s many museums.

Norwegian Fjords

You’ll fall in love with the hidden gems of Scandinavia with a cruise the Norwegian Fjords, where the snow-capped and pine covered mountains meet the glowing blue sea, tumbling waterfalls lining the ship’s route.

Wander the remote and colourful coastal towns that feel a million miles away from the real world; uncover the folklore and myths of this nation; or simply wrap up and keep one another warm as you watch the sunrise rise over the mountains.

Explore The Ship

You don’t even need to leave the ship to have a fun and exciting trip with your significant other. Imagine the most romantic movie scene you can – the flying moment with Jack and Rose on the bow of the Titanic comes to mind, right? You can experience that same exhilaration (without the disaster ending!) on board a romantic cruise.

Not only do most cruise ships have movie theatres, multiple restaurants and even access to gyms and sports venues, many also have spas on board. Book yourself in for a couple’s massage or body wrap and spend a bit of pamper time just the two of you in the spa. If you’re lucky enough and have booked a suite cabin as part of your cruise package, you may even be able to experience this from the luxury of your own room.

Dining on Land or at Sea

As a treat for your partner, especially if you’re gourmet food lovers, book yourselves a meal at the Captain’s Table. This occasion will allow you to dress up, perhaps be provided a special menu for the evening, and to chat to the captain in his formal uniform.

Some cruise deals even offer a cosy candlelit dinner from the privacy of your own balcony overlooking the ocean, or exclusive Champagne breakfasts hand delivered to your room for special occasions.

For those times where you’re dining on land, one benefit of being on a cruise is that every destination has ocean or sea views, and usually access to fresh seafood. Take advantage of this to experience the local cuisine of each port.